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Home Made Jams


All fruits are gather directly from our orchard, WITHOUT USING any chemical fertilizers.


All fruits are GATHER everyday during spring and summer. We prepare jams day by day to preserve the INTENSE FLAVORINGS that fruits themself have.


Maria Piera prepares jams with her grandmother's ORIGINAL RECIPES.


The only INGREDIENTS used are  fruits and sugar. 





* Wildberries                                                           

* Blackberries

* Raspberries

* Wild grapes                                                                       

* Watermelon and Lemon

* Peaches

* Strawberries

* Pears

* Plums

* Mullberries

* Wild Peaches

* Tomatoes

* Zucchini

* Figues



Jars size:


- 450 g.                  € 5,50


- 225 g.                  € 3,50




Luigi looks after 100 beehives and uses ORGANIC APPROVED PRODUCTS to take care and feed our bees.


On our hills bees can find a PURE ENVIROMENT where they can take flower nectar and pollen

for the youngest bees.





The bees are actract from the INTENSE PROFUME of the white acacia flowers that gives a romantic colour to our forest all around the lake in May.


Acacia honey has a LIGHT AND CLEAR COLOUR WITH A VERY DELICATE PROFUME, perfect from breakfast and for baking.







The wonderfull CHESTNUTS TREES 

bloom in June.

The bees collect pollen and nectar from

chestnuts flower.


This honey is



perfect for breakfast or for baking.





Luigi takes the beehivies on the Ticino river banks in July.

On the trees bees find this AMAZING HONEY MADE BY THE METCALFA, a little butterfly that eats trees lymph.

This honey is the reachear of NUTRIENTS.


The honeydew is BROWN WITH CARAMEL TASTE WITH SOME BLACKBERRY AND HEZELNUT FLAVORS, perfect to eat on its own, actually Luigi's favorite.


Jars size:


- 500 g.                  € 7,00


- 1 kg                      € 12,00






 *  All our jars are home made packed, labeled and decorated.

All prices are taxes free.

The availability of the produts can run out of stock.




All our products will be ship by express courier in Italy and Europe.


Shipping price includes taxes:


- ITALY € 10,00

- EUROPE € 25,00


Payment will be done by bank trasfert, credit card or cash on arrival.


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